roomooi = room||mooi

room (engl.) [ruːm] {noun} =  a space, place or location

mooi (dutch) [ˈmoi] {adjective} = beautiful, nice, fine, pretty, lovely or attractive

“it’s all about creating beautiful spaces”


ROOMOOI is a visual arts studio for spacial design. We aspire to create unique, bold and formative spacial environments. As a studio for spacial design we design spaces as well as spacial concepts. ROOMOOI performs across various disciplines, such as interior design, scenography, lighting design, object design, architecture and installation art; blending all these to achieve holistic solutions to complex questions.


We don’t want to determin ourselves on a specific design language or style. We are rather looking for the diverse ways of creative expression. For every new project there is a specific solution to be explored. We like to work in various dimensions and we feel committed to small formats the same way we do to large scale projects.

For us, spacial design is a field that crosses the boundaries of traditional design disciplines – Following the conceptual idea of the “Gesamtkunstwerk”, we want to create syntheses of installation art, scenography, object design and architecture.


Since 2007 ROOMOOI conducts projects for corporate and private enterprise in the fields of hospitality, temporary and permanent architecture and theatre design. We focus on creating experiences, individuality and communication within a space.


At the moment ROOMOOI consists of René Zensen as performance designer, design consultant and project manager, supported by a wide network of specialists. This way we are able to cover spacial designs across multiple disciplines. If you are an interior designer, architect or scenic designer, interested in joining our network, or you think one of your projects could benefit from our recources, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

René Zensen

performance designer // design consultant

Rene Zensen

Hi, I’m René.

I love designing spaces! Having started my creative path in the world of musical theatre, where I studied theatre and performance design, I made my transition into spacial design when I was moving back from the UK to Germany. I followed a chance encounter to act as a design consultant on a project for an open minded hospitality entrepreneur. From there on I have worked on large scale format projects right up to simple object designs.

I like to approach the design process of a new project the same way I would do in a theatre. The employees or people involved are like actors, the building or structure is the stage and the visitors are the audience, experiencing their own stories. No matter if you are a business man entering your hotel for an overnight stay, or if you are a kid exploring a playground climbing structure…